About the Locality

The Suburb of il-Gżira
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This is a modern locality which is situated along the strand of Marsamxetto harbour. It derives its name from an island situated in the middle of the harbour - Manoel Island which was named after the Grandmaster Manuel De Vilhena who built Fort Manoel in 1726. (further information is provided in the following pages)

The il-Gżira Coat of Arms which was presented by A.R.T. Don Roberto II Paterno' Ayerbe Aragona in 1970 had a golden base with four red straight lines and a blue diagonal line (the Coat of Arms of the house of Aragona), a black galleon on the upper side, a dolphin on the lower side and a crown on top - Motto - Flourishing with Justice

When the Local Councils were formed in 1994, the Coat of Arms was changed and it now has a blue base with a white diagonal line, a golden galleon and a golden dolphin with a red tongue

In the mid-19th century the first houses started to be built in il-Gżira by Chevalier Jacob Tagliaferro, and eventuality led to other people to do likewise. In the village core one can still find houses of character with their typical small balconies. Today the population is approximately 8,000 and this increase gave way to new and modern buildings.

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Il-Gżira view from Manoel Island                        Dusk at the Council of Europe Garden​