Places of Interest

Other Places of Interest

The Chapel of the Annunciation

This Chapel is very old indeed. It was erected in the 1460 and re-erected in 1658. It is situated in Misrah Kirkop and it is still used for special ceremonies.

The Menhir

On entering Kirkop from St. Peter's one finds the Menhir, a monolith erected in pre-history. Its purpose is still a mystery, several experts believe it was a meeting point for the people of those days of pre-history. It has become the symbol of Kirkop.

Paleo-Christian Catacombs

These Catacombs were found in 1962. They are situated in Triq iz-Zebbiegh. Several human bones and pottery were found in it. In the moment, they are in a derelict state. The central government has promised to restore this site.

Local Militia Cross
'Is-Salib tad-Dejma' as it is called in Maltese was a meeting point for the local militia founded in the middle ages prior to the arrival of the Knights of Malta. This Cross is situated in Misrah Kirkop.

The Cemetery

The Cemetery is located at the outskirts of Kirkop in St. Nicholas Street. This is burial ground for several people who died of the Great Plague of 1592. In future, a burial list will published in this section.

Band Clubs
In Kirkop, one finds two band clubs namely St. Joseph Band Club and St. Leonard Philarmonic Band Club. They situated practically next to each other.

Although there is great rivaly between the supporters of the clubs, the village is one the most quiet in Malta!

St.James' Chapel

This Chapel does not exist anymore. However, one finds the entrance of this Chapel very similar to the Chapel of Hal Millieri situated in Mqabba. This arched entrance is in a derelict state. The central government has promised to restore together with the catacombs.​