About the Locality

​Hal Kirkop is a very small village with a lot to offer. One finds ‘Il-Menħir’ a large stone which has become the symbol of the village, the Palaeo-Christian catacombs, the medieval Church of the Annunciation, the parish church dedicated to St. Leonard, two band clubs, St. Joseph’s Club and St. Leonard’s Club and a cemetery where one also finds the chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas.

There is also a cross mounted on a column referred to as ‘is-Salib tad-Dejma’. Spread all over the village one finds numerous niches testifying the villagers’ dedication to Religion. Kirkop used to be part of a larger parish, that of Bir Miftuħ since medieval times but on the 29th of May 1592 it became a parish in its own right.

In Kirkop you can find a lot of niches.  These are mostly dedicated to Saints who are related to this village. It will take you around two hours to go around the village and you will see with your own eyes the beauty of these niches amongst other interesting things in this village​