Council Photos

Ninth Legislation - Date of Election - 25th May 2019

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From left to right: Mariella Strout (Executive Secretary), Christopher Vella Petroni (Councillor), Paul Bugeja (Councillor), Anthony Delia (Councillor), Carlos Zarb (Councillor), Alfred Grima (Mayor), Graziella Galea (Councillor), Anne Marie Fenech (Councillor), Daryl Connor (Deputy Mayor), Alfred Bray (Councillor), Anthony Angelo Attard (Councillor) and Antoinette Bezzina (Councillor)
Eighth  Legislation - Date of Election - 11th April 2015


Front row from left to right: Frans Chircop (Executive Secretary), Graziella Galea (Mayor), David Thake (Deputy Mayor), Back row from left to right: Anne Fenech (Councillor),  Joseph Vella   (Councillor), Stephen Cremona   (Councillor), Daniel Grima (Councillor), Alfred Grima (Councillor),  Matthew Barbara (Councillor), Paul Bugeja (Councillor), Antoinette Bezzina (Councillor), Raymond Tabone (Councillor), Robert Piscopo (Councillor), Mandy Buhagiar (Councillor)


Sixth Legislation - Date of Election - 8th March, 2008


Sixth Legislation - From left to right - Graziella Galea (Mayor), Alfred Grima (Councillor), Alex Bezzina (Councillor), John Bray (Deputy Mayor), Frank Gauci (Councillor), Peter Abela (Councillor), Raymond Tabone (Councillor), Jason Camilleri (Councillor), Raymond Bartolo (Councillor), Martin Zerafa (Councillor), Mario Camilleri (Councillor), M' Rose Camilleri (Executive Secretary)
Fifth Legislation - Date of Election - 12th March, 2005

 Fifth Legislation - From left to right - Frank Gauci (Councillor), Peter Abela (Councillor), George Azzopardi (Councillor), Robert Ciantar (Councillor), Marco Camilleri (Councillor), John Bray (Deputy Mayor), Raymond Tabone (Councillor), Paul Bugeja (Mayor), Alfred Grima  (Councillor), Mario Ellul (Executive Secretary)


 Fourth Legislation - Date of Election- 9th March, 2002

 Fourth Legislation - From left to right -George Azzopardi (Councillor), Keith Muscat (Councillor), Ray Bartolo (Councillor), Mark Masou (Councillor), Paul Bugeja (Mayor), Alfred Agius (Councillor), Alfred Grima (Councillor), Keith Grech (Councillor), Raymond Tabone & Hector Cassola (Executive Secretary) 


Third Legislation - Date of Election - 13th March, 1999

 Third Legislation - From left to right - Keith Muscat (Councillor), Josephine Vella (Councillor), Alfred Agius (Councillor), Beatrix W. Asciak (Councillor), Raymond Tabone (Councillor), Dominic Cassar (Deputy Mayor), Paul Bugeja (Mayor), Hector Cassola (Executive Secretary)


Second Legislation - Date of Election - 9th March, 1996

 Second Legislation - From left to right - Godwin Cutajar (Councillor), Mary Bugeja (Councillor), Joe Apap (Councillor), Micheal Sciberras (Councillor), PAul Bugeja (Councillor), Joseph Cuschieri (Councillor), Hugh Zammit (Executive Secretary)

First Legislation - Date of Election - 20th November, 1993