Places of Interest

The Inquisitor’s Palace 
Bishop’s Palace
Bettina Palace

The Universita
Palace of Conventual Chaplains
Scamp Palace
Hostels of the Galleys Captains

The Maritime Museum
World War II shelters – Malta at War Museum – Couvre Porte
Church Museum
The Inquisitor’s Palace

Victory Square

Profs. Anton Tabone Garden
Ġuzeppi Minuti Garden
Independence Garden
Council Garden

Other Places of Interest
Notre Dame Gate
The Auberges;
> ​Auberge of England (39/40 Mistral Street)
> Auberge of Auvergne and Provence (17/23 Hilda Tabone Street)
> Auberge of France (24/27 Hilda Tabone Street)
> Auberge of Germany (7/8, Victory Square)
> Auberge of Castille and Portugal (57/59 Hilda Tabone Street)
> Auberge of Aragon (28/30, Hilda Tabone Street)
> Auberge of Italy (1/6 St. Lawrence Street)
Fort St. Angelo 
Great Siege Victory Monument
Statue of St. Lawrence
Statue of St. Dominic
Freedom Monument
The Collachio area
The Armoury and Civil Hospital 
Holy Infirmary
Siculo – Norman Building
Couvre Porte 
St. John’s Cavalier
St. James Cavalier
Executioner’s House 
Bastion of il-Prexxa 
Jews Sally Port 
Holy Infirmary Sally Port 
Order’s Treasure and Bakery​