About the Locality

Iż-Żurrieq was inhabited since the bronze age by a relatively large population. The largest village in the area, it is also the centre of most of its commercial activities and offers a number of interesting sites. The first historical reference to this village goes back in 1399. The villages of Ħal Lew, Ħal Millieri, Ħal Manin, Il-Bubaqra, Ħal Far, Nigret and Qrendi used to make part of the village itself, until in 1618 the village of Qrendi became a village of its own right while the others dissolved in a natural way with their area now making an integral part of the village perimeter. 

Lying further away from the main village centre there are two other hamlets, Bubaqra and in-Nigret.
Origins of the Name "Iż-Żurrieq"

The Semitic roots indicate the word zoroq would mean blue, but it is not clear for what do they refer. One may recall the old motto in Latin saying: From the blue sea I took my name.